Colombia, Brazil and Argentina would lose in an ‘Education World Cup’
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Colombia, Brazil and Argentina would lose in an ‘Education World Cup’

A new report by the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) reveals South Korea would win an education competition between all the countries currently playing the Football World Cup. Based on the latest PISA test results, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia would be the biggest losers, reports EFE.

The information compiled in the IADB’s latest report is part of a wider study on the quality of secondary school in Latin America and shows that in South Korea, more students graduate from university than from high school in Latin America.

Nearly half of Latin American students do not complete their secondary education and most of them cite lack of interest as the reason they drop out; they say they don’t trust further education will guarantee them a better professional future.

Although Latin America counts a few favorites in Brazil’s Football World Cup, they figure without fail at the lowest places in the hypothetical world education ranking. Argentina’s weakest point is in reading, whereas Colombia’s worst results are in mathematics and sciences.

Chile is the best off of all the Latin American countries, in front of Brazil, Mexico, Costa Rica and Uruguay. Ecuador and Honduras, also taking part in the Brazil World Cup, were not ranked in the PISA tests and Spain, eliminated by Chile in football, is in the top seven in education.

Behind South Korea, scoring the best results in all three disciplines, come Netherlands, Germany and France.

Populations most likely to drop out in Latin America are the students from lower-income families, students with disabilities, indigenous people and those who live in remote rural areas.

Only 20 to 30 percent of students with disabilities go to school in Latin America, so very few of the 50 million registered graduate from secondary school.

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