Time has come for Caracas' Tower of David
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Time has come for Caracas' Tower of David

It is the beginning of the end for one of Caracas’ strangest landmarks.

Officials and armed soldiers on Tuesday began moving out thousands of squatters who’ve lived in a soaring, half-built skyscraper in the heart of Caracas for nearly a decade.

The 45-story building was abandoned in the 1990s and came to be known as the Tower of David, after the failed project’s financier. The city’s minister for transformation, Ernesto Villegas, told reporters Tuesday the tower had been a symbol of failed capitalism that later became a symbol of the power of community.

For many, the skyscraper-turned-squatters’ village became a symbol of anarchic dysfunction. It was depicted in the U.S. television show “Homeland” as a lawless place where thugs participate in international conspiracies and kill with impunity.