Mexico governor signs agreement promoting adult education
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Mexico governor signs agreement promoting adult education

Upon delivery of the 133 thousandth transcript, Durango Governor Jorge Herrera Caldera and INEA Chief Executive Alfredo Llorente Martínez signed a Collaboration Agreement for the Implementation of the National Literacy Campaign and Lowering of the Educational Problem promoted by President Enrique Peña Nieto.

The proposal is for 39,000 people from the Mexican state of Durango to graduate from primary and secondary school, through teaching methods from the National Institute for Adult Education (INEA), reports El Siglo de Durango.

Additionally, the state governor swore in the Pro-Education Patronage for Adults, promoted by local entrepreneurs, which aims to bring up the level of education of people who work in shops, factories, and government institutions.

Llorente Martínez recognized the work done by the State Government to help bring up adult literacy levels and bridge the educational gap, and their commitment to that patronage as it will allow more support and educational resources to promote education.

He stressed that the educational gap slows down city development and that it was highly important to adapt strategies the way Durango is to help adults learn read and write – and graduate with basic education.

Herrera Caldera stressed, that thanks to the help of President Enrique Peña Nieto, Durango has benefited from a 144.6 million peso budget — historic in comparison to the 2013 budget.

“It’s about allowing people who for some reason did not have access to education during their childhood to learn as adults. This opportunity will be part of a model of education for life and work, which will enable them to combine their studies and their daily activities.”

Education Secretary Héctor Vela Valenzuela and the Director of the Durango Institute for Adult Education, Carlos Guereca Díaz, agreed the aim of this campaign was to bridge inequality gaps to promote social cohesion through equal opportunities for all.

74-year-old José Simón Silva, from Pueblo Nuevo, said his goal was to keep on learning. 

Photo: Durango Mas