J. Lo's new gig? Sharing her name with Puerto Rico water mite
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J. Lo's new gig? Sharing her name with Puerto Rico water mite


Pop singer Jennifer Lopez may be thinking life is funny after some scientists gave her name to a water mite species they discovered near Puerto Rico.

Biologist Vladimir Pesic of the University of Montenegro said in an email Wednesday that the group was entertained during its research by the music of the Bronx, New York-born artist who has Puerto Rican roots.

Pesic calls it a small token of gratitude for the singer, who recently performed at the World Cup opening ceremony in Brazil. The researcher said that while he and other scientists rooted for different teams during the World Cup, they found common ground with Lopez.

“As a European, I supported Germany, but the whole team was united with J.Lo songs,” he wrote.

Pesic is the corresponding author of the study published Tuesday in the peer-reviewed online journal ZooKeys.

He and other scientists collected the newly baptized Litarachna lopezae water mite from a coral reef in Mona Passage, a turbulent body of water between Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic.

Naming organisms after celebrities is not unprecedented in scientific circles.

Angelina Jolie, Stephen Colbert and Bono have all lent their names to spiders, while Mick Jagger shares his name with a species of trilobyte. A marine parasite found only in the Caribbean was named after Bob Marley, and a type of carabid beetle was dubbed agra schwarzeneggeri, “in reference to the markedly developed middle femora of the males of this species reminiscent of the actor’s physique.”

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