Top 10 reasons to study at College in the UK
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Top 10 reasons to study at College in the UK

On the hunt for quality education and recognized qualifications, students from Latin America are increasingly considering moving to the UK to study at a College. There are many advantages to being immersed in a class with other international students, and living abroad for a few months or even years is an invaluable experience.

Here are the top 10 reasons to study at College in the UK:

  • Quality education

The UK education system is recognized around the world for its quality courses and for equipping students with excellent skills. Graduates are intelligent, creative, able to solve problems and to seize career opportunities.

  • Learn English

Living in the UK for a while will undoubtedly equip international students with excellent English language skills. Being immersed in an English speaking country is the best way to practice every day, learn more vocabulary, and converse with native speakers!

  • Extra-curricular activities

UK Colleges encourage students to participate in activities outside of class: by joining a sports team or a student society. Whether it’s swimming or football, cricket or hiking, the debating club or a dancing group – there’s something for everyone!

  • Make contacts

Meeting new people at College is part of the fun – from other international students to native English speakers, a host family or the local café owner – everyone will bring a valuable contribution to a student’s experience. Making friends is really easy when everyone is in the same situation, and UK colleges provide great pastoral support to make sure its international students have the best experience possible.

  • Apply to a UK university

After improving your English skills at College, you will be able to apply to study in a UK university. Their entrance requirements can be quite high, but having lived in the UK before will be a great asset for all international students. UK Universities are renowned around the world for the quality of their degrees and qualifications, and lead to a range of international careers.

  • Find a job

Many students work part-time to earn some extra money – which is another great way of meeting people and gaining new skills. Helping out in a café or a shop a few hours a week will go a long way in enhancing your language skills, and will look good on your CV!

  • Visit a beautiful country

The UK is a beautiful place with so many traveling opportunities, from the mountains of Snowdonia in Wales to the moors of Yorkshire and the sandy beaches of the South Coast. Colleges which welcome students from Latin America develop great social programs, organizing trips to landmarks such as Stonehenge or day visits to London. You can’t live the UK without having seen Big Ben!

  • See some live music

The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Davie Bowie, Adele, Coldplay – the music industry in the UK is big, and they are proud of it. Live music and entertainment is one of the best aspects about being a student in the UK, and with many concerts and gigs organized throughout the year, and all the summer festivals, it would be a shame not to make the most of it.

  • Travel to Europe

Paris, Amsterdam, Barcelona – they’re all only a couple of hours away by plane. The UK is really well connected to the rest of Europe, and flying away on a city break end can be an affordable way to spend the week end and discover another beautiful capital!

  • Support a football team

Football is big in the UK – and whether you live in London or in any other city, you will find a club to support and many friends to watch the games with! Brits are really passionate about the game, and when competitions are on it can easily become a full-time passion!

Colleges in the UK are renowned for offering programs in innovative industries such as design, communications and sciences that are taught by professors who are active in their fields and deliver relevant, up-to-date knowledge. The qualifications equip students with skills sought after by employers across industries and prepare them for the workplace through practical experience and hands-on learning.

Attending college in the UK is a smart choice for international students who are moving away from their home country for the first time or whose first language isn’t English as these institutions are renowned for the quality of support they offer. English language programs and private tutorials are usually available for students who need help improving their language skills.

Here are some of the best colleges in the UK for international students:

Bromley College – London, UK
Bromley College of Further & Higher Education is one of the largest colleges in South East London. Located in the capital’s greenest borough, it welcomes around 8,000 students across a range of vocational, A-Levels, GCSE, and degree level courses. Recent investments were made into commercial, state-of-the-art facilities to provide the best learning environment to all. The College was graded ‘Good’ with ‘Outstanding’ features by Ofsted in February 2013 and is located across two campuses in Bromley and Orpington. The College’s degrees are accredited by the University of Greenwich and Canterbury Christ Church University. Read the full profile here…

Harrow College – London, UK
Harrow College is a further education provider located just 10 miles outside of Central London which welcomes international students in a friendly and exciting study environment. Located in Harrow, the College is within easy access to the vibrant capital and all it has to offer, whilst providing a relaxed environment for all students to succeed in. Harrow College offers dedicated English as a Foreign Language courses for international students as well as programs to prepare for higher education in the UK. Harrow College has links with Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore, and has developed a strong understanding of international students’ needs. Read the full profile here…

Chichester College – West Sussex, UK
Chichester College offers a range of English language programs to international students from all over the world, in a beautiful setting in West Sussex in the UK. The College was recently ranked as Outstanding and provides excellent quality courses ranging from a few weeks to a year. Students can choose to take General, Academic or Vocational English depending on the goals they want to achieve, all taught by experienced qualified teachers. The College also organizes activities such as rock climbing and students societies for all to practice their English with UK students and make new friends.

New College Nottingham – Nottingham, UK
New College Nottingham has been offering training opportunities and courses since 1999. The College is a popular choice with international students who want to perfect their English, get vocational skills to start a career or prepare for university. A variety of courses are available, from A-Levels, Pre-Degree and Foundation Programmes to BA degrees. Located across four campuses in the student city of Nottingham, the college equips students with excellent employability and academic skills. New College Nottingham is accredited by Accreditation UK, which guarantees quality and care to all international students. The city of Nottingham has a thriving arts and cultural scene, as well as many fairs and festivals for all to enjoy. It is within easy access of other interesting cities in the UK, providing international students with endless opportunities to travel and discover the country and its rich history.

City of Westminster College – London, UK
City of Westminster College is ideally located in the heart of London, the multicultural and vibrant capital that welcomes students from all over the world. It offers quality education with many courses ranging from Travel & Tourism, Computing, and Sport, to Music Production, Photography and Business. The College places great emphasis on equipping students with employable skills to make sure they reach their career goals and offers excellent value for money. After studying for a Higher National Diploma for two years, graduates are able to enter the final year of a degree at university. The College encourages students to apply for internships to gain work experience and train whilst they are studying, and offers career advice and support for all to achieve their professional ambitions.

York College – York
York College is a further and higher education college located in the beautiful city of York, in England. It is the largest provider of A Level and vocational programs for students ages 16-19, and also offers Higher Education courses. York College was rated as Outstanding by Ofsted, demonstrating a high quality of teaching and learning, and the expertise of its tutors. The College prides itself on an excellent international students provision, and on outstanding facilities which include a £60 million building with first-class resources for students. The College prepares students for further study at university in the UK and has an excellent entrance success rate. York College welcomes nearly 130 international students from 15 different countries, and ensures pastoral care are delivered to support these students throughout their studies in the UK.