2 inmates beheaded in Brazil prison riot
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2 inmates beheaded in Brazil prison riot

Police in Brazil say four inmates have been killed – two of them beheaded – and more injured in a prison riot in the southern city of Cascavel.

Military police captain Ricardo Pinto says at least four people were injured and two prison custodians have been taken hostage.

The riot erupted on Sunday when one of the guards was captured by inmates during breakfast.

Dozens of the prisoners climbed onto the building’s rooftop, with their faces covered with white clothing. Local media images showed the inmates shouting while they beat men held with ropes around their necks.

Jairo Ferreira, a lawyer for the prison guards’ union, told local media that the inmates put the decapitated head of one of the victims in the lap of a custodian who was later released.

Additional reporting from Associated Press