Controversy over Chávez-centric Lord's Prayer rewrite
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Controversy over Chávez-centric Lord's Prayer rewrite

A rewriting of the Christian Lord’s Prayer to commemorate the late Hugo Chávez is causing controversy in Venezuela.

Venezuela’s Roman Catholic Church is denouncing the insertion of the former president’s name in an “untouchable” prayer. Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro defends it, and calls critics “new inquisitors.”

The back and forth started on Monday, when socialist party delegate Maria Estrella Uribe read the prayer at a party convention.

She began, “Our Chávez who art in heaven,” and continued, “lead us not into the temptation of capitalism.”

Chávez’s legacy has taken on a religious glow in Venezuela since the leader’s death last year. Chávez shrines, rosaries adorned with his face and images depicting him with a Christian cross have become commonplace. Followers often say they believe Chávez was on a divine mission.

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