School of Law, University of Canterbury – Christchurch, New Zealand
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School of Law, University of Canterbury – Christchurch, New Zealand

The University of Canterbury’s School of Law is globally acclaimed not only for the quality of its teaching and research, but also for the calibre of its graduates. Given that a significant number of the textbooks used as part of Law courses across the country are written by members of the School’s academic staff, there can be little question that the standard of tuition available to its students is extremely high.

Innovation in legal education

The University of Canterbury’s School of Law has an extremely strong reputation for both traditional and modern areas of law, positioning itself at the forefront of development in legal education by introducing innovative courses in subjects as diverse as Antarctic Legal Studies and Media Law.

Student focus

An institution which prides itself on its inclusivity and accessibility, the University of Canterbury’s School of Law ensures that the requirements of its 1,000-strong student community remain central to its operation. All members of academic staff have flexible office hours, during which they encourage students to consult them regarding concerns of any nature, whether academic, social or otherwise.

Careers advice is available both onsite, from members of staff, reading material and online resources, and from alumni, who visit the School regularly to update staff regarding their progress and answer questions from current students. All members of staff take great pride and interest in leavers’ destinations and are keen to maintain connections following their graduation.

Diverse range of courses

In addition to its standard undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications, the School also offers practical courses in legal skills such as Legal Internship, Mediation and Trial Advocacy, the completion of which will afford students an edge within the professional sphere.

A considerable number of students choose to take advantage of the School of Law’s double degree option, which not only allows students to gain cross-credits between the LLB (Bachelor of Laws degree) and other degrees, but also facilitates the completion of two degree courses within five years of study. Common combinations include the LLB with a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, or the LLB with a Bachelor of Science (BSc) qualification.

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