University of Houston Law Center – USA
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University of Houston Law Center – USA

The University of Houston Law Center is a tier-one law school in the US, and it has earned a leading reputation among international students of law. The Law Center is attractive to Asian students for many reasons, not least of which is its Summer LL.M. Program, which allows internationally educated lawyers to earn a US law degree in as little as six months.

The Law Center’s specialty programs are its strong suit. Three out of six have earned top-ten recognition by US News & World Report. Combine this with the law school’s renowned international faculty and the chance to live and study in Houston – the nation’s fourth-largest city and a global leader in energy, healthcare and international business – and it’s easy to understand why so many international students of law are taking notice.

From an international perspective, one of the most attractive aspects of the Law Center is the opportunity it provides foreign-trained lawyers to gain US law credentials on relatively short turnaround. This is possible through the Summer LL.M. Program.

The process begins with a 13-week summer course which is attended only by foreign-trained lawyers. This course provides exposure to a range of legal backgrounds and experiences. Students take the following classes: Introduction to American Law, Introduction to Legal Skills and Strategies, American Business Law and American Criminal Law.

The summer courses are followed by the fall semester, during which students work with an advisor to choose the courses best suited for their own ambitions, background and career choices. The entire program lasts six months.

On addition to the Foreign Scholars Program, The University of Houston Law Center offers the following six distinct LL.M. programs:

Intellectual Property and Information Law
Intellectual Property and Information Law has become increasingly important in the 21stcentury, due in part to the amount of research, design and distribution that takes place across international borders. This area of law has become a mainstay of the global economy.

Houston Law Center’s IPIL program is ranked among the top 10 of its kind in the US. It maintains a strong international reputation as well, actively promoting scholarship and research in its field.

Health Law
The on-site Health Law program is also one of the strongest in the nation. It emphasizes a diverse range of interdisciplinary studies in health law and policy. The program is particularly well-known for its associations with local policy institutions such as the Texas Medical Center, which includes access to the world’s largest medical complex. The Health Law program at the Houston Law Center has also established strong links to international health and policy organizations.

Energy, Environment and Natural Resources
Houston’s important role as a global hub of energy production also makes it an ideal city in which to pursue an LL.M. in Energy, Environment and Natural Resources. Students are trained to navigate the complex policy issues in three key areas: energy production, transportation and use; natural resources exploitation and conservation; and pollution prevention and biodiversity protection. It’s possible to pursue a single area or take a broader interdisciplinary angle. Students also help produce the Environmental & Energy Law & Policy Journal, introducing the chance to boost their resumes and gain broader exposure.

Tax Law
Tax Law is complicated and always changing – especially on the global stage. This course is particularly attractive to Asian students of law who plan on having regular dealings with US firms and, for this reason, need to have a solid grounding in US tax laws. All students must complete the Federal Income Tax course before applying to this program.

International Law
The growth of the international marketplace and an increasing interconnection between nations means that lawyers with an understanding of international laws related to public, private and commercial activities are in greater demand now than ever. Students can specialize in public or private sectors – or in a mixture of both. As a result, LL.M. candidates graduate with a firm grasp of comparative and international law and the role these play in the US domestic legal process.

Foreign Scholars
This is probably the most attractive course of study for students from Asia at Houston Law Center. The center’s international reputation for excellence attracts scholars from around the world, many of whom return their home country and take on high-ranking positions within public and private sectors. Foreign Scholars candidates can have the option to specialize in one of the following areas: International Law; Intellectual Property and Information Law; Energy, Environment and Natural Resources Law; Health Law; or Tax Law.

Connect with UH Law Center and learn more through the school’s Facebook, Twitter andLinkedIn pages; or visit the Law Center’s YouTube channel.