Argentina demands BBC apologize for "Top Gear" incident
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Argentina demands BBC apologize for "Top Gear" incident

Argentina’s ambassador to Britain is demanding an apology from the BBC over an ill-fated trip by car show “Top Gear” to the South American country.

The program’s crew had to leave Argentina hastily last month after they faced violent protests for driving a car with license plate H982 FKL — interpreted by some as a reference to the 1982 Falklands War.

The BBC insists the license plate was a coincidence, and host Jeremy Clarkson has accused Argentine officials of whipping up anger for “political capital.”

The Argentine embassy in London said Tuesday that Ambassador Alicia Castro had complained to the BBC about Clarkson’s “provocative behavior and offensive remarks toward the government and the Argentine people” and called for an apology.

The BBC said it would follow its usual complaint procedures.

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