Uruguay presidential election will go to second round
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Uruguay presidential election will go to second round

Left-leaning former President Tabaré Vázquez won the most votes in Uruguay’s presidential election Sunday, but he fell short of the outright majority needed to avoid a November 30 runoff, exit polls said.

Three polls indicated that Vázquez, 74, the candidate of the outgoing president’s Broad Front coalition, would face challenger Luis Alberto Lacalle Pou, 41, of the center-right National Party in a second-round vote.

Vázquez, who was president in 2005-10, would end up with around 44 percent or 45 percent of the vote, against 31 percent to 33 percent for Lacalle Pou, the polls predicted. Pedro Bordaberry of the Colorado Party came in a distant third, with 13 percent to 14 percent.

Uruguayans also voted for lawmakers, and exit polls predicted the Broad Front lost its legislative majority.