Federal prosecutor says Brazil-Cuba 'More Doctors' exchange is "illegal"
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Federal prosecutor says Brazil-Cuba 'More Doctors' exchange is "illegal"

A federal prosecutor says a program through which Brazil’s government employs Cuban doctors lacks transparency because the physicians only get about a quarter of what they should.

Prosecutor Luciana Loureiro Oliveira says the agreement between the Cuban and Brazilian governments and the World Health Organization is “frankly illegal” because the doctors get only about a fourth of what Brazil pays their government for their services.

Brazil’s Health Ministry on Tuesday defended “More Doctors,” saying the program “follows all the rules.”

The More Doctors program aims to improve health care in remote areas by recruiting foreigners. About 11,000 of the 14,000 doctors in the program are Cubans.

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The federal prosecutor’s office in Brasília is ordering the government to pay the Cuban doctors’ salaries directly rather than through the Cuban government.

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