Greenhouse gases in Brazil rose by 8% in 2013
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Greenhouse gases in Brazil rose by 8% in 2013

A Brazilian network of environmental groups says emission levels of greenhouse gases in Latin America’s biggest country were almost 8 percent higher in 2013 than one year earlier.

The Observatorio do Clima, or Climate Observatory, comprises more than 30 non-governmental organizations focused on climate change.

In a report released Wednesday it says greenhouse gas emissions amounted to 1.57 billion metric tons in 2013 compared to 1.45 billion metric tons in 2012.

The increase represents a reversal in the trend that started in 2005 when emissions of greenhouse gases dropped year-by-year as deforestation levels fell, the report said.

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The report says soil use changes in 2013 accounted for 16.48 percent of the emissions while emissions from the energy sector accounted for 7.8 percent.

Associated Press