Executive School of Management, Technology and Law, University of St. Gallen – Switzerland
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Executive School of Management, Technology and Law, University of St. Gallen – Switzerland

The St. Gallen MBA

Among the high quality programmes offered at St. Gallen’s Executive School is the MBA, one of the best and most selective of its kind in Europe. Initially offered as an internationally-ranked full-time MBA programme, a part-time course option was added to broaden and increase the flexibility of students’ opportunities in 2008.

Both the full and part-time MBA programmes are based on the philosophy of integrative management that is central to the St. Gallen Management Model. Small classes of no more than 50 participants enable the School’s experienced, dedicated tutors to provide a high level of personalised coaching and facilitate the cultivation of a healthy, supportive pedagogical environment. It is characterized by an internationally diverse student body, creating high levels of peer-to-peer interaction. This helps build key skills in leadership, communication and cultural awareness.

Additionally, the diversity of both the curriculum and the peer-to-peer learning experience develops ‘big picture’ strategic thinking abilities, as multiple perspectives are commonly shared on a single issue. A defining feature of the MBA programme is the high level of corporate interaction that students receive. With our Corporate Partners we run a series of workshops on leadership; a series of presentations on industries insights from key sectors in the Swiss economy; regular inclusion of guest lecturers in our courses; numerous visits to regional offices and facilities; and focused recruitment efforts through our MBA Take-Off Day and various networking events. Connecting the classroom directly to European and global business leaders is a priority for us. Students have the opportunity to make over 100 corporate contact points in one year.

Full-time MBA
The full-time MBA programme is divided into five sections:
1.        Core Modules & Career Development Courses
2.        Integration Courses
3.        Electives
4.        Corporate Project
5.        Career Development Programme (ongoing throughout the year)

Nine core modules, which are delivered between September and December, focus on a variety of general management subjects, such as finance, marketing and strategy; simultaneously, students complete four Career Development Courses to develop their leadership, communication and other key soft skills.

Part-time MBA

Designed for young executives keen to gain an MBA while remaining in employment, the Executive School’s part-time MBA course can be completed within 24-36 months and comprises a unique synthesis of the University’s classic core MBA subjects and industry-leading leadership development programming. Students are able to balance professional and academic commitments while engaging with the same practically relevant content as the full-time MBA, with the added benefit of a flexible learning module.

St. Gallen’s Executive School conducts all classes entirely in English; students are also encouraged to take full advantage of its complementary language courses. Upon successful completion of either programme, those enrolled achieve a Masters of Business Administration degree from the University of St. Gallen.

Prestigious Alumni

With more than 18,000 active members across the globe, the University of St. Gallen has one of the strongest alumni networks in Europe. Following graduation from the Executive School’s MBA programme, all attendees gain automatic membership into the network. Among the institutions most notable alumni are Mr. Walter Kielholz, Chairman of the Credit Suisse Group, and Dr. Josef Ackermann, Chairman of the Group Executive Committee Deutsche Bank.

The University’s Alumni Chapters meet regularly all over the world. Alumni have every opportunity to remain part of St. Gallen’s active, closely-knit community through engagement with Swiss Embassies, local Swiss commerce and regional hubs, which are supported by the University.

Connect with the University of St. Gallen’s MBA on Facebook and Twitter, or find out more about their annual MBA recruitment event, ‘Take-Off Day’.