Harrow College – UK
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Harrow College – UK

Lifelong learning at Harrow College

Harrow College opened its doors to students in 1999 and has since received more than its fair share of accolades, including the title of ‘Best New International Skills Partnership’, which was awarded by the British Council. It was also validated against the Matrix standard, designed to assess and measure an educational institute’s advice and support services.

The College offers three main programmes of study which have proven extremely popular with international students:

International Foundation Programme (IFP)
This one-year course provides those enrolled with a fast-track to university, with particular emphasis placed on either IT or business. Students are encouraged to develop the language skills they require to succeed at an English-speaking institution, with special attention paid to the linguistic nuances specific to their chosen discipline. Throughout the IFP programme, students prepare for the IELTS exam, with a goal of achieving Level 6. Following their completion of the course, students are also supported in making applications for further undergraduate programmes

A-Levels and BTEC Level 3
As students are required to achieve A Levels in their chosen subjects before they apply to universities in the UK, Harrow College offers 20 A-Level courses to provide keen learners with the qualifications they require to continue their education. Particularly popular sectors include Business and Economics, Computer and IT, Maths and Science and Art and Design.

Higher Education
To provide students with a stepping stone into their chosen profession or form of university education, Harrow College also runs an array of higher education programmes, which range from two-year higher national diplomas (HND) to teaching qualifications. Once complete, students have the option to launch directly into a professional field or to continue their studies at a university to earn a full honours degree (or postgraduate degree, depending on the situation).

Develop as an individual at Harrow

The student experience at Harrow College is founded upon much more than academic progression. Not only are those enrolled urged to participate in the College’s hugely rewarding enrichment programme that includes a range of team sports and recreational activities; they also have the opportunity to take part in the range of clubs and societies on offer all year round. Students are encouraged to pursue and develop their interests, gain insight into new areas and, perhaps most importantly, immerse themselves in the local community. The College is keen for its students to gain valuable leadership experience by signing on as Student Ambassadors or by running for Student Council or Executive Office.

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