Cuban migrant surge increase since announcement
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Cuban migrant surge increase since announcement

The Coast Guard says the number of Cubans attempting to reach Florida illegally by sea has surged since the U.S. and Cuba announced they would restore diplomatic relations.

The overall number of migrants making risky sea voyages toward U.S. shores from the Caribbean, including Cuba, has spiked in the past year. But the U.S. Coast Guard said Monday that the significant increase in the number of Cuban migrants since mid-December has been prompted by rumors that an abrupt end is coming this month to the so-called wet foot-dry foot policy. It usually shields Cubans from deportation if they reach U.S. shores.

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There are no immediate plans to change the policy.

Lt. Cmdr. Gabe Somma says U.S. authorities have captured, intercepted or chased away 421 Cubans since December 17.