Ledezma arrest could swing support for Venezuela government
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Ledezma arrest could swing support for Venezuela government

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro appears to have chosen his latest foe carefully with the arrest of Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma.

It drew international condemnation, but it also reminded many Venezuelans of what they most disliked about the politicians who preceded Maduro and his late mentor Hugo Chávez. It comes at a time when Venezuela’s government faces an economic crisis that has sent the president’s popularity plummeting.

Over the past year, Maduro’s embattled government has arrested several opposition politicians, accusing them of plotting to destabilize the government.

None, however, fits the role of boogeyman quite like Ledezma, who had a close relationship with disgraced former President Carlos Andres Pérez.

Pérez’s second stint as president ended in impeachment and exile after a series of Washington-backed economic reforms triggered unprecedented unrest.

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