Evo Morales loses ground in Bolivia's local elections
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Evo Morales loses ground in Bolivia's local elections

President Evo Morales’ governing party has suffered serious setbacks in local and regional elections in Bolivia, with unofficial results showing it losing the capital of La Paz and several key governorships.

Unofficial quick count results of Sunday’s vote compiled for three broadcast networks showed Morales’ Movement Toward Socialism absorbing the biggest blow in La Paz, where it lost the regional governor’s office as well as the mayor’s seat in El Alto, the capital’s poorer sister city.

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The capital’s opposition mayor was re-elected.

Of Bolivia’s three most important governorships, a ruling party candidate only won one — Cochabamba.

Morales won re-election to a third term in October with 61 percent of the vote. But his party is less popular than Bolivia’s first indigenous president and has been beset by corruption scandals.

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