Faculty of Engineering, Health, Science and the Environment, Charles Darwin University – Australia
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Faculty of Engineering, Health, Science and the Environment, Charles Darwin University – Australia

Charles Darwin University (CDU) is a dynamic and youthful university, located in the most northerly region of Australia, one of the oldest and biologically diverse landscapes on the planet. Due to the close proximity Asia, CDU is an outward looking and progressive university with established teaching and research links throughout the region.

With a student population of 22,000, including more than 1,500 international students, CDU has campuses throughout the Northern Territory of Australia, combining friendly neighbourhoods with vibrant multicultural city experiences. Darwin, which hosts CDU’s main campus, is a youthful and multicultural tropical city that benefits from one of the fastest growing economies in Australia and a growing reputation as a regional hub for trade and industry.

World-Class Research Expertise

CDU is a research intensive university, ranked in the top 2% of the world’s universities and in the top 100 universities in the world under 50 years old (Times Higher Education 2014). Broad fields of research expertise range from Human Health and Wellbeing, Environment and Livelihoods, Energy, Social and Public Policy and Education, with the research in many Scientific fields (such as Ecological Applications, Environmental Science, Clinical Science, etc.) being ranked above world standard in the Excellence in Research in Australia (ERA) 2012.

Students are thoroughly encouraged to be involved in CDU’s world-class research, with honours courses within the Faculty of Engineering, Health, Science and the Environment providing students with opportunities to carry out in-depth research into a topic of their choice.

Cutting-Edge Programs

The CDU School of Environment offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in the fields of biological science and environmental science. Each program benefits from being surrounded by one of the most spectacular and fascinating natural environments in Australia, a great natural laboratory for study and research into some of the world’s most cutting-edge fields of scientific interest.

The Research Institute for the Environment and Livelihoods (RIEL) is among Australia’s leading environmental research institutes, hosting & training almost 100 PhD and research Masters scholars.

With a focus on creating a better understanding of ecological functions and processes in unique ecosystems, natural resource management and the development of new, more sustainable environmental approaches, RIEL offers an exciting research agenda, with excellent worldwide links to partners in the scientific industries.

Current research projects include partnerships with the National Institute for Amazon Research (INPA, Brazil), reviewing the diet of the Amazon Side-neck River Turtles (Family Podocnemididae); and the Federal University of Pernambuco in Brazil, investigating how both historical & ecological biogeography can influence responses to disturbance, by comparing responses of ant communities to grazing along rainfall gradients in Australia and Brazil.

Strong Industry Ties

Aside from leading programs in Environmental Science, CDU offers exceptional opportunities for engineering students, with a range of engineering courses focusing on creativity, design and innovation. Bachelor and master level engineering courses are internationally accredited by Engineers Australia and to the EUR-ACE® standard, meaning graduates meet national and international benchmarks.

With Darwin sitting adjacent to major offshore gas, oil and condensate reserves, CDU is ideally placed for engineering research and consultancy in support of the petroleum industry.

The North Australian Centre for Oil and Gas (NACOG) hub, located at CDU, has been established to address the specific needs of oil and gas operations and developments in the region, and enhances the skillset students take into industry.

Welcoming International Students

With international students from 68 countries, CDU offers students the opportunity to study at one of the most culturally diverse universities in Australia.

A low student to staff ratio provides a personalised and supportive teaching & learning environment, enabling international students to adjust quickly to studying in a foreign country, whilst a safe environment and a broad range of social activities provide students with the chance to easily develop friendships on campus and within the wider community. Affordable and safe accommodation is available for international students both on-campus and off-campus.

To keep up to date with CDU you can take a look at the website, or get in contact on Facebook or Twitter.

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