FBI raids office of Puerto Rico's independent gubernatorial candidate Alexandra Lúgaro
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FBI raids office of Puerto Rico's independent gubernatorial candidate Alexandra Lúgaro

The first week of Alexandra Lúgaro’s candidacy for governor of Puerto Rico has been anything but easy.

First, it was the electoral commission questioning her voting record and, thereby, her legitimacy to even run in the gubernatorial race; then, it was an online flurry of sexualized (and sexist) chatter in which discussants went back and forth: She’s pretty but that doesn’t mean she can govern vs. She’s pretty and she’s got my vote on that alone.

But the biggest headache to date came this morning, when the FBI showed up at the office of América, Aponte y Asociados, a business founded by Lúgaro’s mother and of which Lúgaro herself is executive director.

According to a report published by local newspaper El Nuevo Día, FBI agent Félix Rivera confirmed that his office was conducting a raid on the business, led by at least 10 agents who presented a search and seizure warrant, and that in addition to FBI personnel, representatives from Immigration and Customs, as well as the Department of Education, were on hand. The warrant had been authorized by Silvia Carreño-Coll, a federal magistrate judge.

The paper further reported that Lúgaro met with the media outside of the office and said that she welcomed any investigation and felt calm, noting that the agents indicated they were conducting raids of several other businesses on the island.

Lúgaro was quoted as saying, “I think it’s good that this is happening so early in the process [of my run for governor]. If this will foster clarity and transparency, then I welcome any investigation.”

She said that agents seized documents, computers, security cameras and student work, as well as some other technological devices, and added “They should investigate all of the providers of the Department of Education. I have always acted within the law. They can take everything. I don’t have anything. I’ve done everything properly.”

A local journalist, posting photos on Twitter, noted that a large number of boxes was removed from the building.

The FBI has not yet released any statements about its findings.

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