School of International Studies, Flinders University – Australia
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School of International Studies, Flinders University – Australia

Flinders University, located in Adelaide, Australia, is South Australia’s fasted growing university and enjoys a well-justified reputation for excellence in teaching and research. Flinders University aims to inspire achievement in students and staff and to prepare graduates to embrace challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in their careers and lives.

Cutting Edge International Studies Programs

The Flinders University School of International Studies offers exciting opportunities to its students and is at the cutting edge of international relations in Australia.

The School of International Studies offers excellent undergraduate, post-graduate and doctoral studies programs. Students gain an understanding of key political, social, economic and strategic relations within the global community and how these translate into policy areas such as trade, economic development, tourism, foreign affairs, education, migration and human rights. These core topics give students the knowledge, international awareness and communication skills to prepare them for successful careers in internationally focused organisations.

The undergraduate degree in International Studies/International Relations can be taken as a single stream, 3 year degree, or combined with a number of other degrees offered at Flinders (4-5.5 years of study).

Overseas study opportunities are available at Flinders and include exchange programs at 80 partner universities, including one in China, two in Hong Kong, three in Japan, four in Indonesia and one in Malaysia.

The School of International Studies offers two specialised post-graduate degrees, with the opportunity for students to develop research skills and policy relevant expertise. There is an excellent teacher-student ratio at the post-graduate level, as well as a credit recognition system in place for prior educational and industry experience.

The Master of Arts in International Relations is a student-centered degree with a global focus, and boasts a teaching staff with internationally-recognized expertise in human rights, civil society-government-business relations, African politics, Southeast Asia and religion and politics.

A research-based, contemporary degree, the MA in International Relations is fully integrated with the Graduate Certificate and Diploma in International Relations. In addition, there are many overseas study opportunities integrated into this degree, with a particular focus on the International Network of Universities’ Summer School in Global Citizenship offered at Hiroshima University.

The Master of Arts in International Development emphasizes the concepts of practical focus and flexible delivery. The School’s international, award-winning teaching staff have a wealth of collective experience in international development theory, demography, migration and refugees, gender and development, development consulting and the government.

The Master of Arts in International Development is a practical, skill-based degree and is fully integrated with the Flinders Graduate Certificate in Gender Mainstreaming Policy and Analysis, as well as the Graduate Certificate and Diploma in International Development.

The MA program is highly accommodating and provides many opportunities for students to advance their studies and careers. If full credit recognition is granted, the degree can be completed in 12 months. Courses taught in these post-graduate qualifications feed into the Flinders Master of Health and International Development program, which focuses on the provision of primary health care in developing countries.

Additionally, work-integrated learning and overseas study opportunities are fully-integrated into this degree program, with a particular focus on a professional practicum in Indonesia.

State of the art facilities

A state of the art student hub is due for completion in 2016 with a focus on student interaction, engagement and services. The new plaza will be a vibrant place to learn, connect and play, and will feature quiet study areas & group study lounges, student kitchens & alternative food options, an amphitheatre for live performances & screenings, improved accessibility to the Central Library, conference facilities and access to one of the fastest wi-fi networks in the world.

Comprehensive International Student Services

Flinders University’s international community includes students from over 90 countries. The teaching staff of the School of International Studies hail from North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia.

International Student Services help foreign degree candidates acclimatise to life in their new surroundings, including helping with securing financial assistance, finding accommodation, on-campus help, and airport pick-up. International students can also benefit from academic assistance from staff members, including a full-time student program advisor.

Because of its student-centric, flexible learning options, the Flinders University School of International Studies makes an attractive option for foreign students looking to work toward an advanced degree and rewarding career in international affairs.

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