Venezuela blasts 'tyrannical' US in New York Times ad
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Venezuela blasts 'tyrannical' US in New York Times ad

Venezuela has placed a full page ad in the New York Times to reject what it says are “tyrannical” attempts by the U.S. to interfere in the socialist country’s affairs.

The ad comes amid mounting tensions between the two countries after President Nicolas Maduro accused the U.S. of plotting to oust him and ordered the American Embassy in Caracas to slash staffing levels.

The U.S. has denied the accusations and in turn applied sanctions on seven Venezuelan officials it accuses of violating human rights during anti-government protests last year.

Declaring that “Venezuela is not a threat,” the government advertisement calls on the Obama administration to immediately cease all hostile actions.

Also on Tuesday, U.S. senators grilled officials on how to respond to Venezuela’s deepening crisis.

Associated Press