Second gun found in Nisman case, raising suspicions
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Second gun found in Nisman case, raising suspicions

The discovery of a gun in a storage area is raising new questions about the death of prosecutor Alberto Nisman, whose mysterious death has shocked Argentina.

Nisman’s ex-wife Sandra Arroyo Salgado says the discovery of the prosecutor’s own weapon bolsters her contention that Nisman did not commit suicide, since he wouldn’t have needed to borrow the weapon that killed him. Investigators say are they investigating both homicide and suicide.

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Nisman’s mother Sara Garfunkel found the gun recently in a storage room with her son’s things and told lead investigator Viviana Fein about it on Tuesday.

Fein says the discovery is insignificant because the gun was not the weapon that killed Nisman.

Nisman was found dead January 18. An aide says he loaned the prosecutor the gun found beside his body.

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