São Paulo bans foie gras in restaurants
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São Paulo bans foie gras in restaurants

Restaurants in the city of Sao Paulo, one of the gastronomical hubs of South America, will no longer be able to serve foie gras to their patrons.

Production and sale of the delicacy made from the fatty liver of force-fed ducks and geese will be banned by a law published Friday in the city’s official gazette.

The law will take effect in 45 days to give restaurant owners time to adapt.

Consumption of foie gras purchased before the ban or outside of the city will remain legal.

City Councilman Laercio Benko is the author of the law.

“Foie gras is an appetizer for the wealthy. It does not benefit human health and to make it, the birds are submitted to a lot of suffering,” he told reporters.

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