Bolivia's Miss La Paz dumbfounds beauty pageant viewers
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Bolivia's Miss La Paz dumbfounds beauty pageant viewers

Aspiring Miss Bolivia candidate Giovanna Salazar has made waves across social networks for rather different reasons.

Miss La Paz  gave a very strange answer to one of the questions asked by the panel at the “Miss Bolivia Universo” contest.


Photo: Youtube

“What would you say to beauty pageant critics?” the contester asks.

“Beauty pageants are for people who like beauty pageants. For example, I like football but not basketball.” Miss La Paz replies, smiling while holding the microphone and sealing her fate on social media.

Her response has provoked a backlash of similarly bizarre replies on Twitter.

“Mondays are made for people who like Mondays. For example, I like salmon and not tuna, thank you.” one user tweets.

Another user tweets “Manu Chao is for people who like Manu Chao, for example I like mornings, I like you, I like brown, I like you..” in a tongue in cheek tweet based on a popular song by the singer.

Unfortunately, Miss La Paz  lost out on the pageant crown to Miss Cochabamba Paula Schneider.

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