Brazil's latest fashion star: four year-old Raphaela Buck
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Brazil's latest fashion star: four year-old Raphaela Buck

Meet Brazil’s latest “It-girl”: Raphaela Buck.

The tiny four year-old Brazilian fashion star currently has more than 86,000 followers on social media.

“Each week, we are given clothes for her to model. At the end of the month, she is allowed to go and choose a toy from a shop.” Raphael’s mother Elga, lecturer in fashion explains to Circuito Mato Grosso.

“We don’t charge to model the clothes, its an exchange. The shops send us the items and we publish the photos. If we began to charge, people would begin to establish terms and I don’t want that for her, she isn’t forced into modeling. As soon as money becomes involved it gets complicated. It’s not my job, it’s exposure for her.” Elga adds.

Ella began Raphaela’s fashionista transformation two years ago, inspired by her own doctorate thesis.

“My group completed a thesis on  Suri Cruise, Willow Smith (daughters of Tom Cruise and Will Smith, famed for their style). I thought: why not?  I already owned a childrens clothing brand and in January 2014 I started to take more professional photos of Rapha to use. People started to become interested, and we soon had 7,000 followers.”

But Raphaela has some influence on her modeling.

“I never use an ok photo. I’m always conscious of the lighting and photo quality. I prefer to pose less than shoot a bad photo.” The four year-old adds.

Currently posting under Elga’s twitter account, @elgabuck, Brazil could soon have another fashion icon on their books.