Debate inches Colombia closer to same-sex marriage
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Debate inches Colombia closer to same-sex marriage

Colombia could be one step closer to a “yes” vote for same-sex marriage, as the Constitutional Court debates their decision.

“Our equal marriage rights hearing is the most important moment during our fight against the Court. We are very close to equality,”  exdirector of LGBT organization Colombia Diversa, Mauricio Albarracín told Semana magazine.

The hearing commenced with statements from four same-sex couples, married in different parts of the country. Colombia’s Attorney-General has since deemed these marriages null, stating that in the eyes of the law, marriage is only recognized between a man and a woman.

“We are standing before Court as Congress hasn’t created laws to protect same-sex couples, but on the contrary, they have made it one of the most demeaning acts for people in the LGBT community, questioning our rights without demonstrating any legal grounds,” current head of Colombia Diversa, Marcela Sánchez commented.

“Today after more than 20 years deliberation by Congress over same-sex couples, it’s disgraceful that the Court tells us that yes, we do have rights, but that they are unable to aid with the discrimination that we face.” She added.

“We live in a country where our sexual orientation restricts our rights,” 

Adriana Elizabeth González and Sandra Marcela Rojas have been married since 2013. They are just one of the couples standing before the Court.

“We live in a country where our sexual orientation restricts our rights,”  the couple said.

“We were born in a country which is heading towards peace and equal rights, we want to live without fear, we don’t want our marriage to be annulled.”

As Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay are among some of the countries leading the way in Latin America, and with the U.S. finally saying “I do” last month, the debate could finally pave the way for equal marriage rights for Colombia’s LGBT community.

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