Colombia sets new world record for women in a minivan
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Colombia sets new world record for women in a minivan

A Bogotá theater group has set a new Guinness World Record for the greatest number of people shut inside a Changan minivan.

The 37 female members of the group managed to squeeze into the vehicle, whilst they were shut in for a total of six seconds – a new record.

Carlos Martínez, a judge from the association, outlined that only competitors over 1 meter 50 centimetres tall were allowed to take part in the attempt.

In addition, the van had no internal modifications, which are considered as cheating. The seats were allowed to be put down, while all doors and windows had to be fully closed in order to meet with Guinness Record standards.

Other record attempts

The Andean nation will further attempt to enter the record books on Friday, as Bogotá is set to host the world’s largest aguardiente licor tasting.

Over 400 aguardiente licor lovers will attend the event, which organizers hope will get them into the record books.

Colombia sold 87.5 million bottles of the potent licor during 2014, W Radio reported.

Residents of Santa Rosa del Cabal in the coffee-growing Risaralda department also entered the record books in June, after serving 15,400 cups of coffee in four hours. The new total beat the previous record held by Germany, of 8,163 cups during the same time period.

While in Cartagena on the Caribbean coast, chefs have been practicing their prawn cocktail assembly in an attempt to beat the current prawn cocktail record on July 19. Restaurant workers prepped around 25 kilos of cocktail during a trial run for July’s event, El Universal reported.

From food to people

It is not just food that has earned Colombia a place in the Guinness World Record hall of fame during recent years, the country’s smallest man, Edward Niño Hernandéz owned the global title for eight days in 2010.

Edward, who measures 70 centimeters in height, was beaten by Nepal’s Khagendra Thapa Magar, at 56 centimeters tall.