Colombia: Singer Silvestre Dangond's "Uribe" video sparks debate
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Colombia: Singer Silvestre Dangond's "Uribe" video sparks debate

Colombian musician and Vallenato singer Silvestre Francisco Dangond Corrales, has made waves in national media over his tribute to ex-President Álvaro Uribe Vélez.

In footage from a 2014 video, Silvestre Dangond pays a bizarre tribute to the politician during a concert in Envigado.

“Uribismo… just so you know, just so you know, Uribe is to be respected.” Dangond sings.


Álvaro Uribe (left) with musician Silvestre Dangond.

The singer, termed a ‘paramilitary’ by Colombia’s Las2orillas was vocal in his support for Uribe during his election, spanning from 2002 to 2010.

Although from last year, the video has recently gone viral over claims that Dangond has left “Silvestrismo” for “Uribismo” according to Pulzo.

Dangond also showed his support for Uribe in October 2014, adding “sadly we are experiencing difficult times here in Colombia, bring back Uribe to sort out this f*** up!”

Still, this is not the first political mention from the singer, adding a “long live Chávez!” during a 2012 concert in Mexico, as a nod to the then Venezuelan-president.

Yet, the plot looks set to thicken over claims that Dangond used the 100 million peso fee ($35 million) that he charges per concert to be re-invested into Uribe’s political campaign.

The politician tweeted his support for Colombian government’s unilateral ceasefire, by using “extortion, weapons and a return to affected municipalities.” Uribe continues to upload comments related to the peace process on his Twitter account.

“Terrorism takes a break after a blood bath, poor economy, backward social politics. The government stops bombings.” he added.

The Senator has recently been accused of spreading “paramilitarism” during his electoral campaign by Venezuelan President Nicólas Maduro.

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