Colombia: Woman calls taxi driver "black thief" in viral crash video
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Colombia: Woman calls taxi driver "black thief" in viral crash video

You wouldn’t want to get on the wrong side of this woman.

A video recorded following a crash between a car and a taxi in Cartagena, on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, has hit national headlines.

In the video, the woman shouts “you’re black…. you don’t know how to drive!” before adding that the taxi driver is a “thieving son of a bitch!”


“In a city like Cartagena, which suffered slavery and discrimination against the black community for so many years, we can’t allow racism to keep harming us.” Éver Luis García Villalobos the driver involved in the crash told El Heraldo.

“The video only shows one part of the crash, favoring the taxi driver.  The driver doesn’t mention that he called me a mad “yellow” woman, before I reacted. I recognize that I made a mistake, but I did it as I am a woman and I felt intimidated. The driver also said he wouldn’t pay for the damages which he caused to my car.” Shirley Berrío, the driver in the video responded.

Berrío has since issued a video apology to Villalobos:

“I’m not proud of my behavior and I want to apologize to people affected by the video, I was very angry and simply reacted at the driver.” Berrío tells Noticias Uno.

Yet Villalobos has hit back.

“I want justice, I don’t want apologies. I’m even scared to work.” He adds.

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Photo: RCN Noticias/Youtube

Cartagena authorities are yet to fully respond to Villalobos’ demands, but Shirley Berrío will surely be thinking twice before taking a taxi in the future.

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