Evo Morales "Mar Para Bolivia" campaign gets Argentine backing
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Evo Morales "Mar Para Bolivia" campaign gets Argentine backing

Bolivian President Evo Morales has successfully drilled-up Argentine support for his #MarParaBolivia campaign.

“Sea access for Bolivia and the Malvinas (Falklands) for Argentina.” Morales commented while concluding his Argentina visit in Buenos Aires on Thursday.

The President thanked Argentine Congress for their support in a tweet.

“It’s very emotional to hear such great support from the people of Argentina for us in Bolivia. Thank you,” he added.

Since the dispute reached the Hague’s International Court of Justice (ICI) last month, Morales has been drumming up support across Latin America and beyond.

Pope Franciso commented that Bolivia’s request was “not unfair,” while Argentina’s famed Madres de Plaza de Mayo also pledged support.

Yet dialogues between the United Kingdom and Argentina in relation to the future of the Falkland islands still remain icy.

If it goes well for us in the Hague, Argentina will do well with the Malvinas.

A colonial claim?

Argentina’s Foreign Minister Hector Timerman criticised U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron’s refusal to open any sort of dialogue with the Latin American nation in June.

“The (U.K.) is not only not willing to negotiate,” but is “not making the slightest attempt to resolve the dispute,” Timerman commented.

Yet 2015 could be the year that Argentina will be able to up its claim to the islands.

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The United Nations Resolution 2065 will turn 50 this year, damning the United Kingdom’s “colonial actions”. The C-24 anti-colonialization committee has once again opened the age-old dispute between the two countries.

However, it is debatable as to whether residents of the Malvinas be open to change, following years of a more “British” way of life.

As Argentina ordered embargos for oil tankers operating off the coast of the islands, could this hail the start of more sticky political relations?

One thing is for certain, neither country looks set to reach an agreement fast, dragging the dispute on further.

For now though, Morales look set to be more successful, as he continues his Latin American tour to Brazil.