Mexican performer Paty Navidad loses sanitary towel during live show
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Mexican performer Paty Navidad loses sanitary towel during live show

It’s quite possibly every woman’s nightmare.

Mexican popstar Paty Navidad has become an instant Twitter hit following an unfortunate accident on live television.

In a Youtube video, the singer can be seen performing “Viva México” supported by her Mariachi band on the country’s “Despierta América” program.

A few minutes in and the camera captures a suspicious white object falling from underneath her dress and onto the floor in front of her.

Unfazed, Paty continues her performance.

The singer has since confirmed that the mysterious item was in fact a sanitary towel, prior to meeting a barrage of criticism on Twitter, mainly from male fans.

“I don’t need wings to fly I have my imagination, and a good sense of humor thank God,” the singer tweeted.

“Im not a boxer, I’m a fighter and I never throw in the towel,” the singer later tweeted.

Yet why has such a basic female staple provoked a media backlash?

According to femme international, the first disposable pad was available for purchase in 1888 – the Southball pad.

Luckily, science has moved on dramatically since the 1900s, as in 2014 Argentine scientist Gabriel Weinstein even developed a sanitary towel which can detect gynaecological illnesses.

The towel, includes a special chip to detect any irregularities and was presented by Weinstein as part of the Singularity University competition, backed by NASA.

Expensive staples

More recently, women’s basic needs in Venezuela are being quashed by high inflation.

A recent article by Diario de las Américas, reported that a box of eight tampons cost 1.368,42 bolivars on the the Venezuelan market, close to $114 with the current exchange rate.

A six pack of sanitary towels for new mothers was recorded at 1.290 bolivars, almost $107.

President Maduro was forced to implement a new import, distribution and production plan for sanitary pads and nappies during March, following backlash from women across the country.

A small slip up versus a wider issue

A slip up on Mexican television is seemingly miles away from the shortages faced by Venezuela’s women on a daily basis.

Yet as the country could be set to face more rationing problems, “throwing in the towel” won’t solve anyones problems.

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