Spiderman traffic light dance goes viral
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Spiderman traffic light dance goes viral

Spiderman might normally be known for saving lives, catching the bad guys and of course wooing Mary Jane, but a video has caught the superhero throwing shapes at a traffic light in the Colombian Caribbean island of Providencia.

Accompanied by the song “Funky town”, Spidey backflips and struts at an the Manuel Montt with Nueva Providencia intersection – wowing pedestrians and drivers.

The superhero has certainly been busy this week, attending a kid’s birthday party in Argentina.

He starts by impressing the children with a few of his famed Spiderman moves.

The third attempt he isn’t quite so lucky and lands face-down on the wooden floor.

The kids laugh, thinking it’s part of the show, while one woman examines the now inert superhero.

“He’s gone to sleep.” she exclaims.

The Youtube video ends with Spiderman still showing very little signs of life.

This isn’t the first time that Spiderman has miscalculated one of his acrobatic moves, landing head first at another child’s birthday party in 2007.

For now, maybe the superhero should stick to dancing.