Venezuelan fried chicken song goes viral
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Venezuelan fried chicken song goes viral

Ramses Hatem, a Venezuelan Youtuber has created a bizarre fried chicken video.

Deemed to be a “criticism of over-sexualized music”, the video was part of a competition for a new online channel: CaELike. During which over 27,000 participated.

In the video, Andrea Maramara gyrates suggestively whilst holding fried chicken.


“Real girls like fried chicken.” She sings.

“Girls like fried chicken, like everyone else, the fact that they would say they only like salad to impress men is ridiculous.” Hatem commented in an interview.

The play on the Spanish “pollo” and “polla” (a synonym for penis, used across Spain and in some parts of Latin America), has caused an internet storm, just what the creators were after.

“We want to make people laugh, and if we get criticism then that’s great.” Hatem added.

Finger licking good?

According to a report from Euromonitor International, there are 1,565 fried chicken shops currently in Colombia, of which 57.4 are independently owned.

Colombians spend about 1.8 billion pesos (approximately $670 million) on fried chicken each year, eating a whopping 30.2 kilograms per capita during 2014 alone.

The country’s largest chicken outlet, Frisby, recorded sales of 222 billion pesos last year ($83 million).

Across the border in Venezuela, the price of fried chicken has rocketed to around 700 bolivars ($110) in some parts of the country, a price increase of between 20 to 31 percent, El Tiempo reports.

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