Argentina: falling meteor creates a Twitter storm
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Argentina: falling meteor creates a Twitter storm

Thousands of Porteños spotted a mysterious green object flying over Buenos Aires.

The strange green tube became an instant Twitter hit, under the hashtag #CieloVerde.

“It didn’t make any noise, but people began recording and asking, what is that? What’s happening?” journalist Germán Peréz told BBC Mundo.

But ET lovers will be disappointed, the mysterious object was later identified as a meteor.

“It is probably a fragment of a comet, slightly larger than normal, which was burning during its descent through the earth’s atmosphere,” César Bertucci, an investigator at Argentina’s Astronomy and Space Physics Institute (IAFE) confirmed.

“The green color is due to the chemical composition of the fragments, which are initially formed almost completely of ice, but also contain other chemical components which change color when the meteor begins to burn,” Bertucci added.

The meteor was believed to be part of a meteor shower, created when the earth’s orbit passes through the path of a comet.

Spacial debris creates lights in the night’s sky as the meteors burn up.

Expecting a large crater somewhere in Argentina? This also is pretty unlikely.

“Normally meteors associated with meteor showers are objects which are no more than a few centimeters in diameter, meaning they desintegrate before reaching earth. Nevertheless, some larger-sized fragments do occasionally hit the earth’s surface.”