Argentina: Movie theater employee hit in the face by angry mother
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Argentina: Movie theater employee hit in the face by angry mother

Who doesn’t enjoy a trip to the movies with family or friends?

Yet one movie theater employee surely didn’t expect to get her nose knocked out of joint while on the way to work.


Photo: Youtube.

The events took place at the Radar cinema in San Francisco, Argentina.

One Mom was so angry that her 13-year-old daughter was denied entry to a movie suitable for children aged 16-and-over that she completely lost it, hitting the theater employee right in the face.

That spectacular right hook has got to hurt.

The video has already had around 100,000 hits on Youtube.

Movie theater goers have responded, commenting that the employee is “just doing her job.”

Box office smash

Argentina is known across Latin America and beyond for its booming movie industry.

A new release from Argentine director Pablo Trapero “El Clan” sold over 500,000 tickets during its first four days of opening, becoming the country’s latest box office hit, Rolling Stone magazine reports.

The movie is based on events surrounding the Puccio political clan, who dominated Argentine politics during the 1980s.

“El Clan” beats previous record holder “Relatos Salvajes” (Wild Tales in English) which sold around 404,000 tickets after opening across the country.

The movie is based on a Steven Spielberg television series, weaving together several short stories.

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