From bad to worse for Brazil's Dilma Rousseff
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From bad to worse for Brazil's Dilma Rousseff

Things keep going from bad to worse for Brazil’s President Dilma Rousseff. According to the country’s pollsters Datafolha, 71 percent of Brazilians want Dilma out, while 66 percent want her parliament to begin impeachment proceedings.

Brazil has taken to social media to voice its disgust with Rouseff.

“Dilma has increased the cost of electricity by 60 percent,” one user tweets. The campaign “VemPraRua16Ago” even encouragers twitter users to take to the streets against the president on August 16.

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“Desperate and dissatisfied,”

Brazil’s sickening economy and Rousseff’s links to the Petrobras corruption scandal have seen her popularity ratings hit an all time low.

“Lots of people are desperate and dissatisfied,” political scientist David Fleischer told Brazil’s Terra.

The country’s GDP is set to drop by 1.2 percent under Rousseff this year, following a 0.2 percent decrease during the first part of 2015.

“No politician wants to hold the title of president faced by such a huge backlash.” he added.

Rousseff is also involved in the largest business scandal faced by Brazil to date: Operation Carwash.

Current estimates place the amount of money embezzled by the state around $US 3.8 billion, the majority of it by Petrobras.

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