Bolivia: President Evo Morales asks assistant to tie shoes
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Bolivia: President Evo Morales asks assistant to tie shoes

A video uploaded to social media sites has shocked both Bolivians and Morales supporters alike.

During a recent visit to a rural population, President Evo Morales is seen greeting workers.


When his shoe lace becomes untied he gestures for one of his security team to retie his shoe, in a gesture which has been met with widespread criticism.

“I didn’t ask him to,” the president explained during a recent press conference.

“I was too busy, it’s the first time that this has happened. I was greeting people and I suddenly saw that my lace was untied. But I carried on greeting people and then all of a sudden he was tying my shoe lace…”


The shoe lace video has since gone viral, provoking backlash from anti-Morales supporters.

“Evo has accused the opposition of trashing his image. We would like to declare that the opposition didn’t ask the soldier to tie the president’s shoe lace.” Samuel Doria Medina from the opposing central-right National Unity Front tweeted.

“Humiliating a civil servant, soldier or police agent, in this manner, doesn’t even have a name.” Opposition leader and lawyer Gary Prado Arauz added.

“Opposition rate Morales’ “shameful” attitude.” Opposing Senator Arturo Murillo tweeted.

Morales own party the Movement for Socialism (MAS), took almost 24 hours to respond to the video.

A negative light

Nélida Sifuentes, party vicepresident, commented that the recording wanted to “damage Morales’ image.”

“Some (people) want to make our president appear immodest.”

One thing’s for certain, Morales will certainly think twice the next time his shoe lace comes undone.

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