Brazil: Candidates for 2015 Miss Bumbum takeover São Paulo
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Brazil: Candidates for 2015 Miss Bumbum takeover São Paulo

Brazil’s Miss Bumbum candidates, competing for the 2015 title of rear of the year, caused a storm in São Paulo’s metro system.


Photo: Marcelo Brammer

The 27 cheeky hopefuls paraded through the busy Conceicao station wearing nothing but bikinis.

The girls also posed for photos in the city’s main avenue, Avenida Paulista.

Candidates must prove that they have had no surgery or have used bottom-enhancing beauty products in order to be a chance of winning the much sought after title.

More than 500 women are competing in the pageant, prior to facing the public vote in November.

Screen-Shot-2015-08-04-at-08.57.361  Screen-Shot-2015-08-04-at-08.57.511

Photo: Marcelo Brammer

Current Miss Bumbum Indianara Carvalho has recently made Brazilian headlines over allegedly accepting 300,000 real ($86,000) for sex with a stranger.

Former runner-up Andressa Urach also topped the tabloids after a near-fatal botched implant job.

“I believe completely that faith saved my life, and it has changed my view about everything,” the model commented.

For now, this year’s Miss Bumbum candidates remain optimistic.

Screen-Shot-2015-08-04-at-08.57.361  Screen-Shot-2015-08-04-at-08.57.511  Screen-Shot-2015-08-04-at-09.23.451

“It is an honour to compete in Miss Bum-Bum, I never participated before, I always dreamed of taking part.” Deborah Dunhill, who is representing the state of Tocantins, in Central Brazil, said.

The lucky winner will receive 50,000 real ($14,000) prize money and a lucrative PR contract.

But the competition has not been entirely well received.

Psychologist Rachel Moreno from NGO Observatory for Women added “The media ends up promoting what they conceive to be the image of a perfect woman, they make young girls think that beauty lies in their backside, dehumanizing women.”

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