Brazil elevator diarrhoea prank goes viral
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Brazil elevator diarrhoea prank goes viral

Yes it’s quite honestly the most disgusting prank you will witness this year.

This latest elevator prank by Brazilian online channel Boom is pretty horrible.


Photo shows poor elevator users: Youtube

These poor victims caught in an elevator somewhere in Brazil are almost hit in the face by a fellow elevator user.

His weapon of choice: a lot of explosive diarrhoea.

Hopefully it’s all for show!

Toilet humor

The Youtube video entitled “Diarrhoea in an elevator prank 4” shows a pretty desperate man get into the elevator.

The poor man is practically climbing up the walls to get out and reach the toilet in time.

After breaking into a sweat and frantically pressing the elevator button, a violent stream of diarrhoea shoots from his trousers.

The video has had almost 18 million hits on Youtube – now that’s even more disgusting.

Cheap thrills

Yet in Brazil, bizarre pranks are nothing new.

Imagine if your least favorite character from a horror movie actually came to life?

That’s exactly what happens in this next Youtube video.

Innocent people waiting for a bus in Brazil are chased down the street by a knife-wielding version of Chucky the clown.

Scary stuff continues to happen in elevators, as this popular prank entitled “Ghost girl in an elevator” scares innocent elevator users somewhere in Brazil.

Watch closely as a mysterious girl appears when the lights cut out.

You are sure to think twice about taking the stairs in the future!

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