Brazil: Minions terrorize Rio de Janeiro
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Brazil: Minions terrorize Rio de Janeiro

You might be familiar with the minions, cute yellow workers made famous by the movie “Despicable me.”

Minions are normally happy to help, but it seems that in Brazil too much sun has gone to their heads!

The sketch “Minions Em Furia” from Brazil’s “Pânico na Band” sees the yellow characters wreak havoc across Rio de Janeiro.

Innocent bystanders risk having their lunch thrown over them, their cell phone stolen or even face having a minion climb on their car while stopped in traffic!

The program has already generated quite a Twitter following, for its bizarre and funny sketches.

Yet it seems that some Brazilians have now had a huge sense of humor failure.


Photo: Youtube

In fact, Rio de Janeiro’s Associate Judge Mônica Feldman de Mattos has ordered suspension of the kids’ program, slapping on a hefty 50,000 real fine (around $14,000) if the producers don’t comply.

The sketches are seen to be violent, promoting anti-social behavior across the Brazilian city.

Despicable behavior

The minions, legal property of Universal City Studios, are being portrayed in a damaging and detrimental manner, JusBrasil reported.

“Although the program ‘Pânico na TV’ is aimed at an older public,these episodes will be made available to be watched online, at the moment the program site permits children of all ages to access its content.” De Mattos commented.

Funny or just plain rude? Here’s another video to help you decide:

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