Brazil: video shows dog waiting outside hospital for sick owner
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Brazil: video shows dog waiting outside hospital for sick owner

One dog in Brazil has taken “man’s best friend” to extremes, waiting for eight days outside a hospital while the owner was hospitalized.

Dogs are Brazilians preferred pets, with a total of approximately 37,000 households owning a dog.

In a Youtube video, a dog appears waiting at the hospital entrance: the owner sadly passed away during treatment for respiratory problems.

Olga Caroline Baldin, one of the São Paulo hospital receptionists commented “The dog wouldn’t leave the hospital door, he kept looking inside as if waiting for someone to leave.”

According to reports from patients and visitors, the dog was continually pacing in front of the door waiting for its owner.

“It was like living in a film,” hospital director Wanda Camilo adds.

Various hospital staff and visitors have offered to adopt the dog, of which two were doctors.


Seco the dog waits patiently for owner Lauri da Costa.

Four-legged friend

But this isn’t the first case of loyal dogs waiting for their sick owners.

Three year-old Seco, waited a month for owner Lauri da Costa to leave the Passo Fundo hospital, in Rio Grande do Sul state, following surgery last year.

“I knew he was outside waiting for me,” da Costa commented.

Seco waited faithfully outside, spending a month on the hospital steps.

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