Brazil's WhatsApp mayor goes on the run
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Brazil's WhatsApp mayor goes on the run

Lidiana Leite da Silva, the 25-year-old mayor accused of “governing” the Bom Jardim municipality using the app WhatsApp, has got herself into even hotter water.

Leite, who led a luxury lifestyle from the town of Sao Luiz, has also been accused of embezzling around $4 million from the school fund budget, destined for use in one of Brazil’s poorest states.

The WhatsApps mayor’s ex-boyfriend Beto Rocha, had also previously tried to run for the position in 2012. He was unable to do so due to corruption charges.

But Leite has since disappeared, presumed on the run, as news of her unusual political career hit Brazilian media.

Leite has been missing since August 20.

Among the charges faced by the WhatsApp mayor, includes her rental of a 114,000 real car (more than a family’s average salary in Bom Jardim).

“She was too young and inexperienced when she took on the position,” Leite’s lawyer commented. “She lacked trust and delegated lots of her activities to Mr Rocha.”

The couple split earlier this year, shortly before Rocha quit his political career.


Trouble in paradise…

Brazilian police have since launched “Operation Eden” as search widens for the missing mayor.

The one-time milk seller is also accused of using municipality money to fund several cosmetic surgery procedures.

My city is going to have a face lift. Everything’s going to improve. (…) We are going to fight to rebuild this city, it’s going to be organized, have healthcare, education, boulevards. It’s going to have a face lift and be something else. We are going to value teachers, they deserve it. They care for the future of our children. I have a son, I know how much he worries me. We are going to overcome obstacles, we have a lot ahead of us. Changes are going to happen for the better,” the politician promised in a speech.

The Brazil-wide search continues.

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