Chile and Costa Rica: longest life expectancy across Latin America
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Chile and Costa Rica: longest life expectancy across Latin America

Costa Ricans and Chileans have the longest life expectancy in Latin America, reaching 80 and 79-years-old respectively, according to a new report.

Cuba and Panama are the second highest-ranking at 78-years-old, while Guyana and Suriname follow at 72.

Good news for Bolivia, where people now live nine years longer than the average life expectancy registered 25-years-ago.

Deadly diseases on the wane

Highly infectious diseases, such as HIV and tuberculosis, no longer present such a risk. In particular in Cuba, where HIV has practically been eradicated.

However sexually transmitted diseases are still one of the main causes of death in Venezuela, Bolivia, Peru and Paraguay.

Cancer and heart-related illnesses are the biggest global causes of death.

Living longer? Look to Brazil..

Despite not making the top five for Latin America’s longest life expectancy, Brazil could be home to the region’s oldest woman.

Eurides Fagundes, a 120-year-old from the state of Bahía could be just that. Born in 1894, the retiree only married once, leaving no children.


Photo: Youtube

When asked how much longer she expected to live, Fagundes responded “Jesus is the only one who knows.”

Fagundes has outlived previous Brazilian Guinness World record holder, 144-year-old María Gomes Valentim from Brazil’s Minas Gerais state.

Known as “Vó Quita” or “Grandma Quita”, left behind four grandchildren, seven great grandchildren and five great-great grandchildren.

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