Chilean army denies pacts of silence claims
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Chilean army denies pacts of silence claims

The Chilean army’s chief of staff says the military institution keeps no dictatorship-era pacts of silence that could prevent human rights abuses from being solved.

General Humberto Oviedo spoke before a committee of the lower house of Congress Tuesday. He said if retired soldiers keep silent about the past it’s their personal choice.

President Michelle Bachelet recently called for citizens to break the pacts of silence she says have covered up rights violations committed during the 1973-1990 military dictatorship. She praised a former soldier who helped the investigation into the burning death of a U.S. resident.

A Chilean judge recently charged 12 former members of the military in the attack during a 1986 protest. The former soldier who testified said he was breaking a nearly three-decade pact of silence.

Associated Press

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