Coca crop cultivation drops in Bolivia
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Coca crop cultivation drops in Bolivia

The United Nations says the area under coca cultivation in Bolivia fell 11 percent last year and that eradication has cut it by a third since 2010.

President Evo Morales touted the drop as proof Bolivian-style eradication of the crop used to make cocaine is more effective and humane than U.S.-backed methods employed in Colombia and Peru. Bolivia’s approach allows select growers limited acreage.

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Bolivia’s coca crop now represents 15 percent of the three-country total. Colombia leads with 52 percent, Peru has 33 percent. The top U.N. drugs and crime agency official in Bolivia is Antonino De Leo and he presented the results Monday with Morales.

Bolivia remains a major cocaine transit and processing nation. Tons of Peruvian cocaine transit the country annually en route to Brazil, Argentina and Europe.

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