Colombia dancing skeleton street art is Youtube hit
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Colombia dancing skeleton street art is Youtube hit

Any visitors to Latin America will know that the continent is full of weird and wonderful street artists.

But for visitors and residents of Colombia’s capital Bogotá, this video takes street performances to a new level.

You might not normally put skeletons and street art together, but in Colombia this perfect combination is something of a hit.

Somewhere in the capital this performer wows onlookers and drivers with his bizarre dancing skeletons.
The street artist uses a unique harness to keep his boney companions upright.

These guys can certainly throw some shapes!

This artist is a hit across Bogotá, he even appears in other Youtube videos recorded in the Colombian capital, stopping traffic and surprising pedestrians.

Yet this isn’t the first dancing Colombian skeleton, check out the puppet in the video below.

This tiny skeleton could certainly put some of his fleshy companions to shame.

The video from the page “Colombians around the world” is just a small example of some cool street art, featuring, you guessed it, a skeleton.

So next time you see a dancing skeleton don’t just walk past, you could be witnessing a Youtube sensation!

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