Colombia: Priest loses it while parking car
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Colombia: Priest loses it while parking car

As all good church-goers know, you shouldn’t take the Lord’s name in vain… Even more so if you are a priest.

You’ve probably never seen a man of the cloth get quite so hot under his dog collar when trying to park.


Photo: Youtube

This video of Father Carlos Emilio Morales Vélez, recorded in Medellín, Colombia, shows the priest giving a fellow driver “the finger” while trying to carry out a U-turn on a one way street.

“Just because I stopped him from driving the wrong way, he threatened me, hit my car, tried to open the doors and used insulting gestures, showing his lack of road sense and common intellect. His excuse was that he was late for a wedding.” The Youtube user who uploaded the video told Semana magazine.

Vélez has since released an emotional apology on Colombian radio station Blu radio.

“Forgive me if Satan entered me, I lowered myself to his level. I lost it.”

“It’s true that we went the wrong way. Our driver from the parish house got confused and he was in such shock that he couldn’t reverse.” Vélez added.

Now that’s an unusual blessing!

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