Colombia: Sofía Vergara to voice character in "The Simpsons"
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Colombia: Sofía Vergara to voice character in "The Simpsons"

Colombian actress Sofía Vergara is set to become immortalized as a character in “The Simpsons”.

Vergara, who has also appeared as a character in the series “Family Guy”, will lend her voice to the character Mrs Berrera, in an episode set to be televised on September 27.


According to Entertainment Weekly, Vergara will become a love interest for both Bart and Principal Skinner, Colombia’s El Heraldo reports.

Bart will announce his love for his new teacher, following strange hormones in the school’s recess milk resulting in him rapidly entering puberty.

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Photo: Youtube

Although Mrs Berrera will currently only appear in one episode, Simpsons creator Al Jean has implied that Vergara could eventually fill in for Bart’s previous teacher Mrs Krabappel permanently.

Actress Marcia Wallace, who previously played Krabappel, passed away in 2013.

The Colombian star has been offered up to $3 million by various publications fighting for exclusive wedding coverage of the actress’ marriage to actor Joe Manganiello on November 22.

The couple announced their engagement during December 2014, following six months of dating.

Vergara recently attended the premiere of Manganiello’s new film “Magic Mike XXL” released during July.

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