Donald Trump: as viewed by the Hispanic population
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Donald Trump: as viewed by the Hispanic population

U.S. Hispanics have a deeply negative rating of Republican candidate Donald Trump, according to a survey from pollsters Gallup.


“Mexico isn’t our friend. “Photo: Caras

Since early June, 14 percent of the 650 Hispanics interviewed said they had viewed Trump favorably, in contrast to a 65 percent unfavorable view.

This awards Trump a score of -51, beating other Republican candidates Ted Cruz (-7), Rick Perry (-7) and Jil Gilmore (-6).

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Photo: Gallup

Among the Democratic party candidates, Hillary Clinton is the only figured by a large segment of Hispanics.

Three-quarters have an opinion of Clinton: 58 percent view her favorably and 18 percent view her unfavorably, giving the politician a +40 favorable score.

Trump has recently been slated by Mexicans and U.S. politicians alike, following his anti-Mexico campaign.

His latest tweets look to crackdown on illegal immigration into the U.S.

Trump card

The Republican has been slammed for his racist remarks, despite being of Scottish descent with a Slovenian wife.

Trump also recently declared that Mexico will have to pay to build a wall to keep out illegal immigrants trying to cross the border.

“Bill, they are making a fortune, Mexico is making a fortune at the expense of the United States, it’s becoming a new China based on its foreign trade, it’s killing us at the border.” Trump told Bill O’Reilly during a recent television interview.

“Mexico isn’t going to carry on like this, you are going to pay for that wall.” he added.

Trump’s recent immigration comments add to the Republican’s abusive comments to date. These have also included a Twitter war with drug kingpin “El Chapo” and offensive remarks against the Miss Universe beauty pageant.

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